Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Location Saint Christopher's Church
Quest(s) Way of Salvation
Let the Waters Flow

Dear Lord, they're everywhere! Send them to hell!
— Joseph

Joseph is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located inside Saint Christopher's Church, and is part of a group of survivors led by Mother Helen.

He supports the Hero during the quest Way of Salvation, in which the Hero must escort him through the city of Moresby to the sewers.

After arriving in the sewers, Joseph gives the Hero the side quest Let the Waters Flow, in which the Hero must cut the water flow to the canals. This is also where the Hero first encounters Floaters.

When the Heroes lower the supplies into the armored trucks, Jin and Joseph are seen loading everything into the truck and they both head to the church to deliver some of the supplies while the Heroes return to City Hall.

Joseph also takes part in the events prior to the quest Lady in Trouble, during which the Hero finds him beaten and brutalized outside the Church. He informs the Hero he and Jin had gone to the Police Station in order to give them supplies despite being taken over by Raskol gangs (she was still dead set on helping them despite their hostility). Unfortunately, the men they met were drunk and ended up beating Joseph until he blacked out, and then took Jin hostage. He then gives the Heroes the key to the sewers, in order for the Heroes to rescue Jin. After this, Joseph dies from his wounds.


See that greedy bastard? It is the End of Days, and yet he worries only about making money.
— Joseph, referring to Eric Cotner, a nearby merchant