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John Sinamoi
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality Polynesian
Status Alive
Location Lifeguard Tower
"That's the last one? Okay then… Thanks, mates."
— John Sinamoi

John Sinamoi is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is a lifeguard and the leader of the Pool House survivor group. He is first seen after the Hero is attacked by zombies after reaching the supply room in Royal Palms Resort during the prologue. He and James Stein bring the Hero to the Pool House, where they have a disagreement regarding their plans for survival. (Later on, James, along with some of the survivors, leaves and heads to the Lighthouse.)

After the Hero awakens, it is revealed that the Pool House is under attack and that Sinamoi went out to fight the zombies alone. Once he has been rescued, he gives the Hero the main quest "Passport to Life" in which the Hero must go to his bungalow and retrieve his Lifeguard Tower security key card.

He then gives the Hero the quest "Exodus" in which the Hero must go to the Lifeguard Tower and kill any undead in the area. This allows Sinamoi and most of his group to move to the Lifeguard Tower.

He then gives the Hero the quest "To Kill Time" in which he requests that the Hero helps Dominic and Mike.

Afterwards, he gives the Hero the quests "A Piece of Cake" and "Seek'n'Loot" which require the Hero to go to food bars and gas stations in order to recover some food and water.

He then gives the quest "Born to Be Wild" in which the Hero must recover a powerful vehicle from the Hotel Parking Lot.

Next he gives the quest "Misery Wagon" in which the Hero must find the mechanic, Earl, and ask him to reinforce the Armored Truck.

Finally, he gives the quest "Bird on the Roof" in which the Hero has to go back to the Hotel and get to the roof to message the mysterious Voice.

Oddly enough, Sinamoi is never heard from again once the Heroes progress towards the Prison. Although he is alive during the events of Dead Island, his fate is ultimately unknown once the Heroes escape from Banoi Island during the epilogue.

It is stated by Purna in the intro to Dead Island: Riptide that, apart from the heroes, the other survivors "didn't make it", including John Sinamoi. However, this may be based on Samuel Hardy's claim that a nuclear bomb was dropped on Banoi, a claim he made when convincing the Heroes that Palanai Island was scheduled to be nuked as well. Hardy later confesses that Palanai was never going to be nuked, implying that his claims about Banoi may also have been fabricated.

Cut appearanceEdit

Sinamoi was slated to appear in Dead Island: Riptide, found in the tunnels between the Flooded Jungle and the Pinai Ferry Station. He would have been the source of an optional side quest, titled An Old Friend, in which the Hero must protect Sinamoi as he travels through the tunnels to an unspecified location. Completion of the quest would have rewarded the Hero with the Razor Mod. This appearance and the associated quest were omitted for unknown reasons.


  • His voice changes when doing the "Seek'n'Loot" quest.
  • No matter whether the Hero is male or female, Sinamoi refers to them as "his".
  • Despite the extreme danger of trying to protect the others at the start of the story, Sinamoi is not wounded and infected by the zombies. It remains unkwon if this was because of  sheer luck or immunity to the kuru prion.


"In times like these, you think people would pull together."
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