Jeanninestrt (1)
Vital statistics
Gender Female

Australia Australian

Status Alive
Location Pool House, Lifeguard Tower
Quest(s) My Precious

Why won't anyone help him? We can't just let him die out there! He saved your life. You owe him your life.
— Jeannine


Jeannine is a survivor featured in Dead Island. She is found in the Pool House. When the Hero awakens, she begs the Hero to go out and help John Sinamoi, who has left the pool house and is being attacked by zombies.

After moving to the Lifeguard Tower, Jeannine gives the Hero the side quest My Precious, in which the Hero must travel to the Silver Bungalows district and retrieve the necklace her husband gave her.


Out of all the lifeguard survivors Jeannine is possibly the most vibrant, since she is the one who promotes the Hero to fight showing her boldness and strength.


  • The title of the quest she gives the Hero is a reference to the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings. It is famously called "My precious" by Gollum.
  • In The Dead Island Definitive Collection Announcement Trailer, Jeannine's character design has been remodeled.


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