James Stein
607px-James Stein
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Australia Australian

Family Roger Nelson ( pseudo-brother;deceased)
Status Alive
Location Lighthouse
Quest(s) Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Counsel of Despair

I'm James. You don't know me but I sure remember you. Me and Sinamoi had a… slight difference of opinion. He wanted to stay put and wait for help, I wanted to get the hell out of there, so I got the hell out.
— James, speaking about his conflict with Sinamoi.

James Stein is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is the leader of the survivors barricaded inside the Lighthouse. He was one of the two people that saved the Hero in the beginning of the game.

He gives the Hero the quest Knockin' on Heaven's Door, in which he asks the Hero to help out the other survivors in his group. After Knockin' on Heaven's Door is complete, James also offers the quest Counsel of Despair, in which he asks the Hero to complete the unfinished "HELP" sign north of the Lighthouse.

He was one of the survivors in the Lifeguard Tower but left with a few willing people to the Lighthouse, namely the merchant Javier Wimsatt, Evan, Ned, Monica Goldberg, Linda, Mick Fler, Colin Kugler, Jessica Nelson, Maggie Spacy, Darvin Bark, Trevor Cohen, Marcus Davis, and an unnamed survivor. The other survivors went with John Sinamoi.


  • Oddly, Roger Nelson claims that James is his brother, despite the fact that they have different surnames and accents. It is likely that Roger was using the term "brother" as a way of saying that James is a good friend, rather than claiming that the two are actually siblings.