Vital statistics
Gender Male

Australia Australian

Status Alive
Location Pool House, Lifeguard Tower
Quest(s) Bloody Health Service!
Life in the Bag
Portrayed by Dave Wittenberg

I'm a doctor, not a bloody executioner!
— Jack

Jack is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is first seen when the Hero awakens to the sight of Jack, alongside Dominic, looming overhead wielding a baseball bat. Once the Hero is fully awake, and Jack realizes that the Hero is not infected, he calms down. He remains in the corner of the bedroom until the group moves to the Lifeguard Tower.

Once at the Lifeguard Tower, Jack takes up residence in the doctor's office upon completion of the side quest Bloody Health Service!, but complains about the lack of supplies. He gives the Hero the side-quest Life in the Bag, in which the Hero must find a paramedic's bag in a nearby ambulance to retrieve bandages.


You just saved a lot of lives, mate. You may have even saved Anne's. Thank you.
— Jack, after completion of Life in the Bag


  • When Jack exclaims that he is a doctor, and not an executioner, he is referencing the famous catch phrase of Leonard H. McCoy from the Star Trek series.
  • Jack may be a reference to the TV Series Lost, as one of the main characters is named Jack and he is also a doctor.
  • Jack is named Bobby in the game files where "Bobby" has all the speaking lines of Jack. It is speculated that Jack's name was changed from Bobby. Jack is also credited as Bobby in the credits and on the Dead Island IMDb page.
    • This explains the call given to the Hero from John Sinamoi about an ill girl at the tower who thought "Bobby" was trying to kill her.
  • Unlike most characters in the game, Jack isn't always found in exactly the same spot. He can be sitting in a chair or standing next to a nearby trash can. Either way, he'll be in the infirmary of the Lifeguard Tower.
  • It's unknown where he got the baseball bat in the pool house. Either from looting from corpses or it was available in the pool house before the hero shows up. The strange thing is, the bat disappears after the cutscene where Jack threatens the hero with the bat, unable to be retrieved by the player.