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There are a total of five different levels of rarity for the items and weapons featured in Dead Island. Although Blueprints also have rarities, they are not randomized and are determined by the specific blueprint. In Dead Island, items are only available in common and uncommon rarities, save for Diamonds. Dead Island: Riptide introduced rare modification items in addition to the common and uncommon rarities, although usually only found in Dead Zones.

Rarity Description Reward Chests (weapons) Looted (items) Dropped (zombie)
white text
Found virtually everywhere. Most items and weapons are of this rarity. Yes Unlocked metal chests
Very high
Very high
Very high
green text
Commonly found in metal chests and given as a reward from quests. Uncommon weapons are occasionally dropped by zombies on death. Yes Metal/Locked chests
blue text
Often given as a reward from quests but can be found on corpses and uncommonly in metal chests. Yes Metal/Locked chests
No Yes
Superior (Riptide)
purple text
Can be given as a reward from quests, or rarely found in chests and on corpses. Yes Metal/Locked chests
No Yes
Very Low
Ultimate (Riptide)
orange text
Weapons extremely hard to come across, but can be awarded by completing high level quests and found rarely in locked metal chests or on corpses. Also, Exceptional weapons will not contain weapon affixes unless modded. Yes Metal/Locked chests (Lockpick I+)
Extremely Low
No Yes (Butcher/Ram)
Extremely Low
orange text
Weapons typically rewarded for completion of only the most ruthless of quests, these are the rarest items in the game. They can also appear in the same locations as Exceptional items: locked chests and on the corpses of ONLY Rams and Butchers. Like Exceptional weapons, legendary weapons will not contain weapon affixes unless modded.
Yes Metal/Locked chests (Lockpick I+)
Extremely Low
No Yes (Butcher/Ram)
Extremely Low

Note: The probability of getting a random rarity as a reward from a quest is nonexistent. This is because quest rewards are pre-scripted, and are not distributed at random.

Chance Adjectives

Impossible < Extremely low < Very low < Low < Moderate < High < Very high

Improving Loot

There are a few ways of improving the grade of weapon the player can receive. These include:

  • Using the Lockpick Skill — By using this skill the player gains the ability to pick locked chests, level one chests being the easiest and level three chests being the hardest. Level three metal chests are more likely to contain Rare, Unique and Exceptional weapons.
  • Using the Appraiser Skill — The Appraiser skill in Logan's Survival skill tree increases the chance to find an upgraded weapon.

Loot sources

The rarity of loot is dependent on the source from which it is obtained. Different container types and defeated enemies have varying distributions of chances of specific rarities of loot dropping.

Dead Island

In Dead Island, the most reliable source of high-rarity loot is tied between Rams and Butchers. Different sources come in second, depending on the specific rarity of loot desired.

Source Common Uncommon Rare Unique Exc/Leg
Default 92% 5% 2% 1% 0%
Lockpick I 0% 92% 4% 2% 1%
Lockpick II 0% 85% 10% 4% 1%
Lockpick III 0% 77% 15% 6% 2%
Butcher 0% 10% 30% 50% 10%
Floater 30% 20% 40% 10% 0%
Ram 0% 10% 30% 50% 10%
Suicider 70% 20% 5% 5% 0%
Thug 30% 20% 40% 10% 0%

Dead Island: Riptide

In Dead Island: Riptide, Rams are the most abundant source of high rarity loot, with Lockpick level III chests trailing closely behind. Butchers have a drastically lower chance of dropping high rarity loot than in the previous game.

Source Common Uncommon Rare Unique Exc/Leg
Default 91% 7% 2% 0% 0%
Lockpick I 0% 92% 6% 1% 0%
Lockpick II 0% 85% 11% 3% 1%
Lockpick III 0% 72% 21% 5% 2%
Butcher 0% 65% 35% 0% 0%
Floater 0% 70% 30% 0% 0%
Ram 0% 10% 67% 20% 3%
Suicider 70% 25% 5% 0% 0%
Thug 0% 80% 18.5% 1.5% 0%

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