Insect Repellent
Quest, Lachance, Insect Repellent
Difficulty Medium
Given By Lachance
Reward 3000 XP, Detox Gun Mod, Deo-Bomb*
Task Bring icaridin to Lachance.
Location Laboratory Next N/A

"Insect Repellent" is a side-quest given to the Hero by Lachance.


The Hero must travel to the warehouse and retrieve some icaridin.

Leave the lab area and turn right. There are a few Walkers along the way followed by a Floater. Jump on the boxes to enter through the fenced off area. There are a few Walkers in the warehouse. The icardin is a small bottle on the shelf. Return and get a Detox Gun Mod.


  • After completing this quest when I would return to the Laboratory map Lachance would have another reward for me, always a Deo-Bomb. This was repeatable (a good way to stock up on Deo-Bombs). I only got three from Lachance. After I turned in Scran's not for the Dead he stopped offering them. Scran's not for the Dead is the only sidequest I had left in the Laboratory (I did not advance the main quest at the time). So I don't know if completing another side quest or reaching a limit caused him to stop.

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