In Cold Blood
DI Quest In Cold Blood
Difficulty Medium
Given By Mugambe
Reward 1500 XP, Heavy Pistol
Task Put Mugambe's Wife and Mugambe's Daughter out of their misery.
Location Saint Christopher's Church Previous Sacred Silence
Next None

"In Cold Blood" is a medium side quest given to the Hero by Mugambe in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel through the city of Moresby and reach Mugambe's home. Once there, the Hero must find Mugambe's Wife and daughter, who were infected and have since turned, and kill them.

Mugambe's house is deep within the city. The Hero will be directed to pass through the Quarantine area which may be difficult when playing alone (NOTE: You can manage to find a way bypassing the quarantine zone if you don't completely follow the mission tracking markers). Once the player has entered the house there are two Infected and three Walkers in the hallway. When done with them, there is a breakable door at the end of the hallway, and Mugambe's Wife (who has become a Walker) and Mugambe's Daughter (an Infected) are found in the bedroom.


  • If you set out from Saint Christopher's Church and follow the quest tracking markers, you will be directed across the Quarantine zone, which is the most dangerous area in the entire Dead Island game. Find another path, thus bypassing the Quarantine zone or, at least, fast-travel to the Warehouse or Nick's Hub and follow the quest markers from there.
  • In the bathroom behind the slightly open door to the right of the door is Banoi Herald Excerpt 23, sitting on top of a small table.
  • The player will also find the Pick-and-ohm Mod resting on a countertop in the kitchen.

Video Walkthrough


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