House Full of Surprises
Difficulty Very Easy
Given By Richard Case
Reward None
Task Check out Richard's house
Location Diamond Beach area, close to the lower bar near the beach Previous N/A
Next N/A

"House Full of Surprises" is a very easy side quest in Dead Island. It is given to the Hero by Richard Case.


After saving Richard Case, the Hero is given the key to his bungalow and permission to loot it as a reward. After arriving there and unlocking the door, the Hero will be attacked by 4-5 Infected.

Inside of the house are a few lootable containers. A Green (uncommon) Machete can be found inside an open suitcase.


2012-07-02 00001

Richard's location

The quest is given to the Hero in the Lifeguard booth where they saved Richard Case. The Lifeguard booth where Richard Case is located can be found 50m SE of the furthest East bar off coast. His house is the southern-most bungalow in the loop, not far from there (200+ m NE).

"It's bloody beautiful, isn't it?"
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