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Homerun Baseball Bat

The Homerun Baseball Bat is a weapon featured in Dead Island. It is created using the Developer's No. 2 Craft, which can be crafted at a workbench with $10,000, 5 Diamonds, and a Battery. Visually, it is similar to a Baseball Bat with an Impact Mod applied.

Though the weapon itself does a minimal damage, it is compensated by the critical effect which can send an enemy crashing into an object at high speeds. Such an impact does massive damage, enough to kill traditional enemies in a single impact, especially when victims hit headfirst into an object. Not even a Thug can sustain such punishment. Because of the nature of this weapon, it is important to make sure there is an object an enemy can be directed at in order to take advantage of the critical effect. If the target fails to hit anything, it will do negligible damage, especially at higher levels.

Out of all the Developer's Craft weapons, the Homerun Baseball Bat has the highest durability at a base of 44. But at a cost. Like the other developer weapons, the price to maintain the HomeRun Baseball Bat is very high.


The Homerun Bat is the bat from Super Smash Bros. franchise in which you hit a white sandbag with eyes


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