Hit and Run
Quest Hit and Run
Difficulty Medium
Given By Omar Torres
Reward 600 XP, Cash
Task Acquire the key from Omar's undead deadbeat.
Location Hotel Bungalows Previous Exodus
Next Omar Escort
"Hit and Run" is a medium quest given to the Hero by Omar Torres in Dead Island.


The Hero must find a man who owes Omar Torres money. However, the deadbeat has turned into a zombie and must be killed. This quest only becomes available after the player has completed the quest "Exodus" and the Lifeguard Tower is occupied by John Sinamoi and the rest of the survivors from the Pool House.

After checking the bar, the Hero discovers a trail of blood. Following this blood trail leads the Hero to find the target: a Thug. The Thug is in the underground restrooms, standing in a booth (which allows the Hero to kill the Thug quite easily).

Once the Hero brings the key from the fallen Thug, Omar Torres asks him to locate the safe, which is in the room behind the closed door where they find Omar Torres. The Hero checks the painting that covers the safe, and once it's opened and the money has been retrieved, another quest will be available, "Omar Escort".


  • The restrooms where the Hero finds the Thug may cause an annoying bug to occur where the player is prevented from leaving the room (due to the inability to ascend the stairs leading out).
    • One way to counter this is to sprint and jump off the final flight of stairs and keep jumping to the right. When the player lands on the ledge, they can jump over the luggage and continue with the quest.
    • Another possible counter to this problem is to walk up the stairs backwards and jump continuously until reaching the top.
  • A Molotov Cocktail is an excellent way to kill the Thug in the restroom. At low levels it will die before it can reach the Hero.


  • "Hit and Run" usually refers to a vehicular accident in which one or more at-fault parties leave the scene without sticking around to help or for the authorities to show up. It's a crime in most jurisdictions.


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