Heroes and Villains
DI Heroes and Villains
Difficulty Medium
Given By Vang Chi
Reward 3000 XP, Lightning Mod
Task Free Vang's daughter.
Location Moresby Previous Drowned Hope
Next N/A

Heroes and Villains is a medium quest given to the Hero by Vang Chi. The quest is not available until the Hero reaches Chapter 6 of Act II.


The Hero must rescue Vang Chi's daughter from her captors.

Vang Chi calls to the Hero, begging for help. He then leads the Hero down an alley into an ambush. Several Raskols appear out of a doorway on the left side of a dead end and try to kill the Hero.

After eliminating the ambushing punks that emerge, Vang Chi will beg you to spare his life, as his daughter is held captive by another group of punks. Punks are the main enemies of this quest. Gather ammunition for your guns, as the punks all use firearms.

After arriving at the position (it is a factory-like building, exactly beside the place where Boat Supplies asks you to retrieve Cuban cigarettes from), you will receive warnings from hidden punks, and meet some zombies outside the fences. If you continue to approach, the punks will emerge from their hidden positions and start to fire on you.

You assault the punks along the way in order to rescue the hostage, Amber Chi. The amount of the punks is larger compared to Supermarket Journey and Lady in Trouble.

Once all of the enemies are eliminated, you must shoot the control panel next to the door of the room holding Amber. This allows the door to be open. Once you open the door for Amber Chi, she'll give you your reward, and the quest is over.


  • The name of this quest could be a reference to the a song by The Beach Boys with the same name. Or, it could just be reference to the typical phrase, heroes and villains.
  • The punks who ambush you in the alley have an unusual amount of health, at the least taking 2-3 hits to die from a fully upgraded Rage Mode.


  • Vang Chi can only be found after completing the mission: Drowned Hope.
  • There is an ID Card available in the storage warehouse from which you rescue Amber Chi.
  • I highly recommend completing this quest before you get to the Boat Supplies main quest. The added undead in the city and the area will make things overall more difficult. Also, there is a significant amount of healing in the kidnappers' base. With it cleaned out and the supplies respawned (no foes will be present) it will be easy to heal up if there's any trouble (such as with the Ram on the corner).


"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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