Mother Helen
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Game(s) DItopleft

India Indian

Status Alive
Location Saint Christopher's Church
Quest(s) Sacred Silence
Drowned Hope
Bury The Dead
Portrayed by Elizabeth Gilpin

I see you have bite marks, yet Satan has not taken your souls. The Lord has sent you to save us. We heard word of your arrival over the radio. We knew you were coming.
— Helen

Mother Helen is a survivor featured in Dead Island. She is a nun and the leader of the survivors barricaded inside Saint Christopher's Church.

Helen is first seen after the completion of the quest Ram on Heaven's Door, in which the Hero must clear the area around the Church of zombies. Once that is done, Bruno lets the Hero inside, and Helen starts the quest Sacred Silence, in which the Hero must silence the church bells. After that, she starts the quest Drowned Hope, which requires someone to investigate two missing survivors from the Church they sent out to investigate the reason behind the loss of the Church's water supply. A bit later in the game she will ask the Hero to kill all zombies that invaded the cemetery in side quest Bury The Dead. As a reward she will give them Gabriel's Sledgehammer.


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