Hector Lecter
Di Hector Lecter
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown

Australia Australian

Family Lucy (wife)
Status Deceased
Location Bungalow 15

Hector Lecter was a survivor featured in Dead Island. He was found in a bungalow located near the Hotel together with Lucy.

He was an antagonist in the side quest "Toy Story", in which the Hero must retrieve Anne Snider's teddy bear from Bungalow 15.

When the Hero enters the bungalow, they will hear Lucy mumbling to herself. Upon entering the room she is in, the Hero will see her curled up in the corner. Hector is standing near her, armed with a knife and presumably protecting her. When the Hero draws close to them, Hector attacks and must be killed. After he is killed, Lucy will not react in any way and will continue to speak to herself.

Hector has noticeably less health than a normal human enemy such as the Punks or Jungle Muggers (he only has about 500 health at level 40).

Hector can be targeted from outside his reaction range with no range enhancements, and generally killed very easily with a single well placed cutting weapon throw to the neck.


  • Hector Lecter may be a reference to the song "Helter Skelter" by the famous English rock band The Beatles. It can also be interpreted that, due to their close proximity, Lucy is a reference another song by The Beatles titled "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".
  • His name could also be a reference to the novel and film character Hannibal Lecter.
  • His weapon is actually a Tesla Bomb Knife Mod but the Hero can't take it.
  • Lower level players can be killed quickly by him, as he acts as an Infected with a knife. Upon entering the bungalow, there is a body with two weapons nearby to provide some form of fighting against him. He always drops a Kitchen Knife upon death.
  • It is almost impossible to escape from him, he will follow the player until he or the player is dead. Can be easily killed by zombies.
  • Actually he used to be a survivor in the town hall in Moresby led by Mayor Todd Tanis. But he decided to go to the Resort to look for his beloved wife lucy in Bungalow 15. it is unknown how he got across the destroyed City Bridge it was presumed that he went through the Sewers and out across the bridge. After he got across he went to the resort to look for lucy.

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