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Harlow Jordan
Dead island riptide harlow jordan in Halai
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Nationality Israeli
Status Deceased
Location Palanai Island
Portrayed by Jennifer Cruise

Harlow Jordan is a survivor upon Palanai who lends the player aid upon their washing ashore. She says the Heroes need to move to Paradise Survival Camp. She is part of your team until the Old Town Cinema is reached within Henderson. Her disappearance is rather obscure: Chimamanda exclaims that the Immune allowed Harlow to be left behind, when in fact Harlow was with those who were not immune. Later on she is called a terrorist by Serpo, the man who originally had the player(s)/Hero(es) arrested, detained, and tested on because of their apparent immunity. It is, of course, possible that the claims about Harlow are false, given that Serpo had lied several times throughout the story.

She is later found in the docks. It is here that she reveals her immunity and that she was trying to sneak into the lab, when she was caught and the mutagen was tested on her. She also provides details regarding the intentions the government had on unleashing a bio-weapon at Palanai. Now driven insane, she exclaims that those immune are a danger to the world, as they possess the pathogen.

Then, she begins to attack the heroes, first with a Rifle and later with a Chainsaw after she takes the mutagen (she also throws molotovs at the player). She is incredibly strong, forcing the Hero to take the mutagen to fight her.

Harlow's dying words—assuming she has truly died—were that the Heroes themselves would be angels of death. She is the final boss of Riptide.

She gives three team quests to the Hero. First, he/she must deliver three Metal Scraps to her. In exchange, she gives the Impact Mod. Second, she needs seven Steel Rods. After the mission is finished, she gives the Tesla Mod. Third and last, she requests three Insulating Tapes. Her last reward is the Pick-and-Ohm Mod.


  • Interestingly, while in her mutated form, her veins pulsate in almost the same fashion as the Grenadier's exposed body, though to a much lower physical degree of distortion.

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