Harlan Johnson
DI Harlan Johnson
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Unitedstates American

Status Alive
Location Royal Palms Resort
Quest(s) Make Yourself at Home
Fluid Necessity
Death in the Glass

Found some wheels, but something's wrong with the engine, because I didn't get very fucking far. I knew I had to get inside somewhere fast and came upon this place, but it's locked up tighter than a nun's asshole.
— Harlan, referring to the locked bungalow.

Harlan Johnson is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is an airline pilot, and was fleeing to the airport when his truck ran out of fuel.

The Hero finds him outside of a shack, surrounded by zombies. He had taken refuge there and was also searching for petrol. Once the area has been cleared, he gives the Hero the side quest Make Yourself at Home, in which the Hero must break into the shack because Harlan believes that there might be supplies inside.

Once inside the shack, the Hero is given the quest Fluid Necessity, where Harlan asks for two gas cans. After receiving the gas cans, he will provide the continuous event Death in the Glass, supplying a Molotov Cocktail for every three bottles of alcohol brought to him.


  • Harlan gives a Molotov for every 3 bottles of alcohol, unlike other survivors who need 5 bottles of alcohol to make you Molotov, making Harlan the best or most efficient provider of Molotovs in the game.


  • Harlan wears sunglasses in the PC version.
  • While obtaining the Molotov Cocktail blueprints renders seeing Harlan unnecessary, the Hero can still get Experience Points for getting Molotov cocktails from him.


  • If the player does not have an open inventory slot when giving Harlan three bottles of alcohol, the player will not receive a Molotov cocktail, nor will it appear on the floor.


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