DI Haris
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Bosniaandherzegovina Bosnian

Status Alive (Possibly escaped with his wife)
Location Golden Beach

Oh, God... Help me, God!
— Haris

Haris is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is found during Act I, after the Hero completes the first objective of the quest Passport to Life. The Hero finds him trapped in his truck on the beach, surrounded by zombies. The Hero must clear the area of zombies before Haris exits his vehicle. Once out, he informs the Hero that he is attempting to get as much supplies as he can at the Water Sports Rental kiosk.

After Haris and the Hero search the kiosk, Haris explains that he must rest for a while, and that he plans on leaving and to go to meet his wife. If the Hero returns to the kiosk later on, Haris will have already left.


  • The Hero is rewarded 500 XP for rescuing Haris.