DI Hank2
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown

Unitedstates American

Status Alive
Location Pool House, Lifeguard Tower
Quest(s) Lazarus Rising

"Whoa, great job. Nice. Just give me a second and I'll get this bitch running."
— Hank, after completion of Lazarus Rising

Hank is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is first seen after the Hero awakens in the Pool House. He can be seen standing beside Adrian.

After the Hero has reached the Lifeguard Tower, Hank is among the those in the truck full of survivors that travel to the tower. Once the area is safe, Hank spends his time in the garage, working on cars. He also gives the Hero the side quest Lazarus Rising, during which he asks the Hero to search the nearby area for spare automotive parts and bring them back to him. When the quest is completed Hank can be seen on lying a bed on the top deck of the Lifeguard Tower near Mike, possibly sleeping.


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