Hammer 2

A hammer in action

The Hammer is a blunt melee weapon featured in Dead Island. Many variations exist all over the Banoi Island.

The hammer has moderate speed and damage but is most notable for the force behind its attacks, capable of crippling enemy limbs with just a few hits. Hammers come in two varieties: the one-handed version which is called the Hammer and the two-handed version which is normally called the Sledgehammer. The one-handed variant swings faster at a lower stamina cost for decent damage, while the two-handed variant has a substantially slower swing with greater stamina cost; this is offset by delivering higher damage at an extremely high level of force and knocking down enemies with ease. Nothing thins out a crowd like a blunt weapon expert with a massive sledgehammer and enough room to swing it.



  • Hammer - Max level 24
  • Heavy Hammer
  • Nail Hammer



Applicable mods

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