Dead Island: Epidemic development has been canceled. Servers are closed since October 15th 2015. You can no longer play the game.
Read announcement posted by Deep Silver for more info.
Game(s) DIEtopleft
Personal info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Portrayed by Amber Lee Connors
Melee proficiency Melee100
Ranged proficiency Ranged100
Roles Disabler, Ranged
Passive Rime
Ranged attacks deal increased damage to Chilled & Frozen targets.
Damage Multiplier: 12%
Difficulty Difficulty-damage-mobility-5
Protection Protection-control-3
Damage Difficulty-damage-mobility-6
Control Protection-control-6
Mobility Difficulty-damage-mobility-0

Hailey is a playable character featured in Dead Island: Epidemic.


Hailey owned one of Amaia's few ice cream trucks. On the day of the outbreak she was heading to the GeoPharm labs, a wave of costumers appeared before her as they charged towards the truck. Happy to receive customers Hailey set up shop, unknowing that the customers all were infected. She was bit and fell into her freezer: thus the infection grew very slowly and never managed to infect her brain. The Conductor virus gave her chilling mutations and skills.
— Hailey's lore
Hailey keeps enemies out of control with her icy skills and lets her teammates dish out damage. When she gets into a tight spot she uses similar tactics to get out of dodge.


Blizzard (Q)

(Max level 4)

Hail down shards of ice at target location, dealing damage over time and applying Chill to enemies.

  • Cooldown: 14s
  • Cast time: 0.3s
    • Damage over time: 110/120/130/150%
    • Duration: 2.5s
    • Slowness: 15%

Winter Grasp

(Skill level 2)

  • Enemies are drawn into the blizzard as it builds up.
    • Winter Grasp Duration: 1s

Eye of the storm

(Skill level 3)

  • The storm ends in a cold blast that freezes all targets in the area.
    • Frozen: 1.5s

Icicle (E)

(Max level 4)

Release a bolt of ice towards enemies, dealing damage and applying Chill to targets. If already affected by Chill targets are Frozen instead. A target with Chill is slowed and damage taken from Hailey's skill is amplified. A Frozen target is incapacitated, but the effect won't break by damage dealt by Hailey's skills. Pierces Walkers and Infected.

  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Cast time: 0.2s
    • Damage: 90/100/110/140%
    • Pierce Damage Reduction: 30%
    • Chill Duration: 3.5s
    • Chill Slowness: 15%
    • Chill Amplify: 15%
    • Frozen: 1.5s


(Skill level 2)

  • Hitting a primary target with Icicle reduces the cooldown of Blizzard, Frozen Mist and Fimbulwinter.
    • Cooldown Reduction: 1s


(Skill level 3)

  • Reactivate to throw another Icicle.
    • Recast

Frozen Mist (R)

(Max level 4)

Shield an ally or yourself with chilly winds that absorb damage. Melee attacks on a target applies Chill on the attacker.

  • Cooldown: 14s
  • Cast time: 0.1s
    • Shield Absorb: 260/280/300/360%
    • Duration: 3s

Brain Freeze

(Skill level 2)

  • Shielded players deal increased damage and skills used for the duration have reduces cooldowns.
    • Damage Multiplier: 15%
    • Cooldown Reduction: 2s


(Skill level 3)

  • Being applied with Frozen Mist causes a small, and impossible, cryosism. This deals damage and applies Chill to targets. Targets that are already Chilled are Frozen instead.
    • Area Damage: 60%

Fimbulwinter (F)

(Max level 3)

Summon icy stalagmites forward in a cone, piercing all enemies and dealing increasing damage depending on distance.

  • Cooldown: 120s
  • Cast time: 0.3s
    • Min Damage: 200/250/300%
    • Max Damage: 400/500/600%

Winter Shards

(Skill level 2)

  • A giant stalagmite emerges with a freezing explosion at the end of each stalagmite line. Enemies in the area are around the giant stalagmites are frozen.
    • Frozen: 1.5s



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