Gold Digger
DI Quest Gold Digger
Difficulty N/A
Given By N/A
Reward N/A
Task Check Hotel Bungalow 14.
Location The Hotel Previous N/A
Next N/A

Gold Digger is a side-quest given to the Hero when they pick up the Hotel Bungalow 14 Key.


There is a corpse near the Hotel's entrance that has the Hotel Bungalow 14 key on it. Upon arriving to the bungalow, the Hero enters the previously inaccessible bungalow and finds a few wallets and a wall safe behind a picture frame that may contain a large amount of cash.


  • ID Card #22 is on the bed inside the bungalow.
  • On the PC version there are two markers for Hotel Bungalow 14. The one near John Sinamoi's bungalow is not real. It will disappear when the Hero gets close.
  • The money and items in this bungalow respawn, and since you continue to have access to the bungalow you can return there for more easy cash.
  • The bungalow which is the object of this quest is in the Hotel Bungalows district, near the hotel. Not to be confused with Bungalow 14, where Danny Craig awaits his insulin.