Godless Entities
DI Quest Godless Entities
Difficulty Easy
Given By Frank (Pump Station)
Reward 1500 XP, Cash
Task Clear the living dead from the area in front of the Pump Station.
Location Pump Station Previous Drowned Hope
Next N/A

Godless Entities is an easy side-quest given to the Hero by Frank.


Frank (Pump Station) asks the Hero to clear the zombies from the area in front of the pumping station.

There are 5 Walkers directly outside the double gate. Instead of exiting by the gate go around to the open entry to the south. Rush in and jump on the hood of the truck. Now they can be kicked to death safely. Alternately approach the gates and attack the Walkers through them. If in multi-player one player can drive the truck to run over the Walkers while another opens the gates. This is another ideal situation for a Molotov Cocktail if you want to waste one.


Video Walkthrough

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