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Gas Stations are locations found in various parts of Dead Island.


There are some gas stations in the Resort. They are located on the far south-west part of the map, right next to the tunnel that leads to the City of Moresby, and in the middle of the map, almost straight north of the hotel. These gas stations contain Juice Packs and Gas Cans that are required in some quests. You'll also face Thugs at both. Other stations can be located in different areas of the game.

When the player(s) first come to the Lighthouse Gas Station they will encounter two survivors hiding inside. When returning later, they are in the station dead and additional Zombies will be around. A vehicle can be found in the garage area of the station.

The City Tunnel Gas Station will have the remaining juice boxes for the quest Seek'n'Loot and will start Waterdance when the player arrives at the station's entrance. Another vehicle can also be found here.


  • The digital numbers displayed on the gas station signs are 188, 333, and 666, the last one being a reference to the Number of the Beast.

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