Crafting from the GameFiles:DITexts.scr file in Dead Island.


Blueprint Descriptions

Name Var Name Description

Pistolammo ColItem_Craftplan_Pistolammo_D Below I wrote down a relatively easy way to create pistol ammo. It really requires little effort and the effect is more than worth it.
Shotgunammo ColItem_Craftplan_Shotgunammo_D Manufacture your own shotgun ammo using the guidelines I provide. It's simple, and under the current circumstances, undoubtedly necessary.
Rifleammo ColItem_Craftplan_Rifleammo_D I would like to share the knowledge I gained years ago and that unfortunately may have vital application under the current circumstances. The notes you will find below will allow you to create rifle rounds. I’m aware that you probably won’t find much of it on the island but still…
Shockcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Shockcraft_D I found that a piece of blade and some electricity is enough to stun one half-dead son of a bitch. All you have to do is use insulating tape to stick a battery and some wires to a shiv and… voila! – we’ve got a fancy toy.
Highvoltagecraft ColItem_Craftplan_Highvoltagecraft_D As my papa used to say – the only thing better than a battery are two batteries. And two batteries fastened to a solid blade should give quite a shock to any living corpse. Tried and tested!
Short-Circuitcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Short-Circuitcraft_D A high dose of electricity running through a well-sharpened piece of metal is – as it turns out – a fucking good way to give those dumb fucks a serious reason for epileptic dance routines. Follow the instructions below and you won’t regret it…
Oldsmokycraft ColItem_Craftplan_Oldsmokycraft_D I figured out a way to administer to those rotting crazies a dose of electrocution they will not soon forget… if they’re capable of remembering anything in the first place. I made a list of several required elements; all you need to do is put them together with a sound machete and you’ll get a really awesome spark-crackling shiv.
Electricfryingcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Electricfryingcraft_D
Impactcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Impactcraft_D Have you ever prepared escalopes? Did you happen to pound the meat with an electrocution hammer? You will have a chance now, provided you manage to put together such a tool in the way I described in the instruction below. It works!
Lightingcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Lightingcraft_D What you’ve got here is a relatively simple way to turn a blunt tool into a percussive weapon. An electrified hammer or some club will make them rotting freaks jump back after every blow as if hit by a train.
Teslacraft ColItem_Craftplan_Teslacraft_D Do you happen to have a useless phone on you? If not, get one, a sledgehammer (and some other things) and assemble them all together. The weapon you’ll get will literally toss your enemies into the air. If only you had enough steam in these hands of yours to make a meaningful swing with it…
Magicwandcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Magicwandcraft_D I’m a wizard! I figured out how to make a real magic (oh fine!, electric) wand that will knock those fuckers down with a single swat. Try to do everything as described in the instruction and – if you don’t electrify yourself – you’ll topple the enemies like a freakin’ sorcerer.
Paralysingcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Paralysingcraft_D Okay if you want a weapon that will make the fucker wounded with it puke his guts out follow the instructions in my notes. The assembly shouldn’t be too difficult provided you gather the right components. Good luck.
Poisoncraft ColItem_Craftplan_Poisoncraft_D You will need various seaweeds and plants, and detergents. Well you’ll also need a bladed weapon you can use it with. A poisoned blade is always better than an untainted one, I know a thing or two about it… Just make sure you follow the procedure carefully.
Poisonx4 ColItem_Craftplan_Poisonx4_D I developed a simple poison that can turn a sharp weapon into something that will make the undead spew out their own internal organs. A sight to see, believe me. All you have to do is follow the guidelines below.
Poisonspreadcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Poisonspreadcraft_D Try and use the flesh of those exploding poor things according to the given recipe (you will need to obtain several more things, which should not cause you a big deal of a trouble) and you will get a venomous weapon that will make sending all these half-dead wretches to their graves all that easier.
Naildcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Naildcraft_D Thanks to a couple of nails you’ll turn any kind of wooden club into a deadly mace. Just follow the instructions below and you will have a chance to put holes in many human flesh mongers.
Barbedwirecraft ColItem_Craftplan_Barbedwirecraft_D Here is a simple way to use the barbed wire as an addition to various types of clubs. Thanks to that easy procedure you’ll be able to seriously mutilate any unlucky chap wounded with such a weapon.
Glazedcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Glazedcraft_D The idea is straight like the piece of stick you'll wrap the rag around. Add some glue and most importantly – broken glass. A guy hit with that thing will bleed like a slaughtered piglet. Just be careful not to cut yourself with the glass shards when you are gluing them to the rag…
Clawscraft ColItem_Craftplan_Clawscraft_D
Bluntcuttercraft ColItem_Craftplan_Bluntcuttercraft_D
Metalcuttercraft ColItem_Craftplan_Metalcuttercraft_D
Sharkcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Sharkcraft_D
Rippercraft ColItem_Craftplan_Rippercraft_D
Torchcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Torchcraft_D Do you know how a torch works? Below you’ll find a simple way to make one. If you get a good strike in on one of these bloodthirsty madmen, he’ll light up like a Roman candle. Plus, it’s always an additional source of light for the darkest hour…
Phoenixcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Phoenixcraft_D This may seem ironic but I developed a way to transform a fire axe into a weapon that sets the enemies on fire! Embed it deep into the rotting body of a walking enemy and you’ll turn it into a walking column of fire. Made well this can be a really deadly weapon.
Molotovcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Molotovcraft_D Here's an easy recipe for a simple incendiary device. A bottle of booze and a rag are all you need to turn any enemy from rare to well-done. Easy as pie as long as you don't accidentally barbecue yourself.
Incendiarybombcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Incendiarybombcraft_D If you manage to skillfully combine the ingredients I listed you will make a genuine incendiary bomb that even a marine wouldn’t be ashamed of. The next step will be a well-aimed throw with the device but you’ll have to rely solely on yourself in this respect.
Deobombcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Deobombcraft_D Combine together a couple of deodorants in the way I described and you will have in your hands a homemade bomb. Just make sure man that the deodorant bottles are not empty!
Stickybombcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Stickybombcraft_D A knife you will be able to throw at one of those crazy fuckers and an explosive attached to it is almost everything you need to get a sticky-grenade. Make a couple of these toys following the instructions and then just remember to aim well. I hope you’ll have your luck with you…
Boltscraft ColItem_Craftplan_Boltscraft_D If you’re in possession of several large, heavy bolts and a sturdy club (ideally a metal one) then you will be able to assemble a mace that will come in handy in the current circumstances. A blow with this appliance should be a painful experience for whoever is at the business end of it…
meatcraft colitem_craftplan_meatcraft_D Okay, now I know this sounds disgusting, but hear me out. A jar filled with flesh can be used to bait the walking dead. Throw it hard and when it shatters the undead will gather around it like vultures over a rotting carcass.
verticalbladescraft colitem_craftplan_verticalbladescraft_D Provided you can find some sharp pieces of iron and a some bolts you’ll be able to turn most of the clubs into a killer mace straight from the darkness of the middle ages. Bountiful bleeding guaranteed!
horzbladescraft colitem_craftplan_horzbladescraft_D Blades mounted horizontally on a club will turn it into a weapon causing so much bleeding you’ll need protective goggles to keep your eyes safe from all the gore spurting out of your enemies.
Clusterbombcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Clusterbombcraft_D
Jumpingbettycraft ColItem_Craftplan_Jumpingbettycraft_D
Loadedmeleecraft ColItem_Craftplan_Loadedmeleecraft_D
Strikeorbcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Strikeorbcraft_D
Killercraft ColItem_Craftplan_Killercraft_D
Metalcapcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Metalcapcraft_D
Sawdiscaxecraft ColItem_Craftplan_Sawdiscaxecraft_D Follow my instructions carefully. I know it may sound complicated, but in the end you'll be rewarded with a vicious weapon that will allow you to slaughter the undead like helpless cattle.
Coolermacecraft ColItem_Craftplan_Coolermacecraft_D
Irontornscraft ColItem_Craftplan_Irontornscraft_D
Sprocketstickcraft ColItem_Craftplan_Sprocketstickcraft_D
Pridegun ColItem_Craftplan_Pridegun_D Follow my method and you can turn your gun into something even more explosive. Just try not to make any mistakes while putting it together, as it may be the last mistake you ever make.
Priderifle ColItem_Craftplan_Priderifle_D If you carefully follow the instructions provided below you will be able to turn your rifle into an ass kicking tool!
Prideshotgun ColItem_Craftplan_Prideshotgun_D If you want make your shotgun even more effective, carefully read the instructions I prepared below.
Detoxgun ColItem_Craftplan_Detoxgun_D A gun that can poison the enemy? I worked out a way to achieve that and tested its effectiveness. You’ll find the detailed recipe below. If you get it to work, you will gain a truly useful weapon.
Detoxrifle ColItem_Craftplan_Detoxrifle_D A highly poisonous plant and a couple of other ingredients will turn your rifle into the modern equivelent of a bow that fires poisoned arrows. Follow my instructions for a very effective weapon.
Detoxshotgun ColItem_Craftplan_Detoxshotgun_D Below you'll find the instructions to my new invention: a shotgun that will poison every son of a bitch who catches one bit of buckshot. While they're puking their guts out, you can reload.
Strikergun ColItem_Craftplan_Strikergun_D The instruction below turns a handgun into a small flame-thrower… or something of the like. In any case, if you put enough effort into creating it you’ll be able to set fire to the marauders you meet. Good luck!
Strikerrifle ColItem_Craftplan_Strikerrifle_D If you want to experience truly blazing fun with your rifle, take advantage of my idea. Step by step you’ll turn your gun into a portable dragon.
Strikershotgun ColItem_Craftplan_Strikershotgun_D The method I developed can make a specifically-tweaked shotgun simply spit fire! Follow the instructions and check out the invention in action yourself.
Shockgun ColItem_Craftplan_Shockgun_D A gun that will stupify every prick out there, when you test its improved effect on them. It will literally strike him… with electricity. The recipe below is, all in all, pretty simple – check it out yourself and give it a try.
Shockrifle ColItem_Craftplan_Shockrifle_D I made something up that I don’t have a name for yet… maybe an electric rifle? I don’t know about that… But getting to the point – a weapon modified this way is capable of electrocuting in addition to dealing the usual damage. I strongly advise to make use of it if you want to deal with the zombie plague more effectively.
Shockshotgun ColItem_Craftplan_Shockshotgun_D Read the below instructions carefully, they will teach you how to make your gun not only spread clouds of pellets but also electrocute those who stand in your way. There’s no need to thank me…
Critical1 ColItem_Craftplan_Critical1_D Look through the manual I prepared and you will learn how to quickly and easily make your weapon into a strong crushing tool. More crushing than it already was, that is…
Critical2 ColItem_Craftplan_Critical2_D Weight is the foundation – I’ve been always saying this. Especially in case of the blunt weapons. By means of a simple trick (that I described below) you will make your darling crush the skulls of those damn maniacs like putrid water melons.
Critical3 ColItem_Craftplan_Critical3_D I designed (and was even able to test in action) a clever tool to exterminate these monsters plaguing our beautiful island. Well, it will require collecting several special elements to be combined into a one deadly whole that – provided you are strong enough – will allow you to survive the darkest hour.
Critical4 ColItem_Craftplan_Critical4_D The thing I managed to compile is a dream of every homegrown designer with killer inclinations (or rather every murderer with an affinity to DIY). As God is my witness, I wished you didn’t have to use that toy but it’s out of my hands… Using it will turn those bastards into bloody scraps.
Exclusive1 ColItem_Craftplan_Exclusive1_D Would you look at that – a baseball bat, a circular saw and a motor; all combined into a killer tool of doom! If you make it the right way (according to my recipe), you will be able to start a true massacre among those lousy living dead.
Exclusive2 ColItem_Craftplan_Exclusive2_D While it is true that it's usually very warm on the island, and recently the climate is exceptionally hot. I decided to up the temperature even more. The idea to build this device came to me when I was boiling water using the heater. The effect comes in the shape of a red hot blade that will warm up even a cold, dead body. Try it out yourself.
Exclusive3 ColItem_Craftplan_Exclusive3_D Below I described a way to turn a knife into an electric grenade. You throw this contraption at the walking dead, the blade plunges into the rotting meat, and at the same time releases an electric charge that will strike anyone around the hit son of a bitch. I should get the Noble prize for this invention!
Exclusive4 ColItem_Craftplan_Exclusive4_D According to my observations the brains of those ubiquitous damned still remain active, although in quite a peculiar way. One can take advantage of this by adjusting their brain wave frequencies using my invention. The effect? You’ll see for yourself. I promise it will be… explosive.
Exclusive5 ColItem_Craftplan_Exclusive5_D Would you like to have the possibility to knock down several guys at a time, without much effort, and more importantly, without using your fists? Man do I have something especially for you – a recipe for a homemade stun bomb! See the details below…
Exclusive6 ColItem_Craftplan_Exclusive6_D I prepared a relatively easy to construct bomb that spreads a poisonous substance, that will bring upon the unlucky affected a literal puke fest. Just remember not to stand windward when using it!
Exclusive7 ColItem_Craftplan_Exclusive7_D Read carefully through the instructions below and then try to recreate in practice the device it describes. You will be dealing with electricity so remain extremely cautious while working on this. The effect of your effort should come as a bomb of specific type whose effectiveness will be striking… literally and figuratively speaking.
Exclusive8 ColItem_Craftplan_Exclusive8_D Warning, this is not a cooking recipe! A piece of carcass wired with explosives can save your life. If you are not one of those fanatic vegetarians you can certainly manage it. Remember to fasten the explosives tight to the flesh so that the whole thing doesn’t fall apart too early.

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