Character Jump Mod
Type Gameplay Tweak
Description Change the height and stamina cost of jumping.
Difficulty Easy
Version All Versions
Files Needed
default_levels.xml /DI/Data0.pak/Data/Skills/*
Helpful Links
How To Mod Dead Island
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The characters in Dead Island cannot jump very high, and quite often they can't quite reach a good hiding spot (i.e. a good place to run away to that zombies cant reach).

This mod allows the player to change the height and stamina cost of jumping in the game.


Copy default_levels.xml to your mods folder (click here for a tutorial).

Open the file and search for the following:

<prop n="JumpStaminaCost" v="0.06"/>
<prop n="JumpMaxHeight" v="85"/>
<prop n="JumpMinHeight" v="85"/>

Change the values to anything you would like, but keep in mind that what goes up must come down.

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