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Item Affixes from the DITexts.scr file in Dead Island.

Item Affixes
Affix Attribute Gender Q Original Text
Feeble Damage N/A Q1 "Damage_Q1", "Feeble"
Puny Damage N/A Q2 "Damage_Q2", "Puny"
Mediocre Damage N/A Q3 "Damage_Q3", "Mediocre"
Ordinary Damage N/A Q4 "Damage_Q4", "Ordinary"
Spiteful Damage N/A Q5 "Damage_Q5", "Spiteful"
Malicious Damage N/A Q6 "Damage_Q6", "Malicious"
Damaging Damage N/A Q7 "Damage_Q7", "Damaging"
Dangerous Damage N/A Q8 "Damage_Q8", "Dangerous"
Savage Damage N/A Q9 "Damage_Q9", "Savage"
Vicious Damage N/A Q10 "Damage_Q10", "Vicious"
Cruel Damage N/A Q11 "Damage_Q11", "Cruel"
Slaughtering Damage N/A Q12 "Damage_Q12", "Slaughtering"
Devastating Damage N/A Q13 "Damage_Q13", "Devastating"
Deadly Damage N/A Q14 "Damage_Q14", "Deadly"
Lethal Damage N/A Q15 "Damage_Q15", "Lethal"
Tiring Force N/A Q1 "Force_Q1", "Tiring"
Frightening Force N/A Q2 "Force_Q2", "Frightening"
Striking Force N/A Q3 "Force_Q3", "Striking"
Threatening Force N/A Q4 "Force_Q4", "Threatening"
Debilitating Force N/A Q5 "Force_Q5", "Debilitating"
Awe-inspiring Force N/A Q6 "Force_Q6", "Awe-inspiring"
Formidable Force N/A Q7 "Force_Q7", "Formidable"
Terrifying Force N/A Q8 "Force_Q8", "Terrifying"
Disabling Force N/A Q9 "Force_Q9", "Disabling"
Shattering Force N/A Q10 "Force_Q10", "Shattering"
Enervating Force N/A Q11 "Force_Q11", "Enervating"
Crippling Force N/A Q12 "Force_Q12", "Crippling"
Incapacitating Force N/A Q13 "Force_Q13", "Incapacitating"
Paralyzing Force N/A Q14 "Force_Q14", "Paralyzing"
Diabolical Force N/A Q15 "Force_Q15", "Diabolical"
Flimsy Durability N/A Q1 "Durability_Q1", "Flimsy"
Frail Durability N/A Q2 "Durability_Q2", "Frail"
Shoddy Durability N/A Q3 "Durability_Q3", "Shoddy"
Fragile Durability N/A Q4 "Durability_Q4", "Fragile"
Weak Durability N/A Q5 "Durability_Q5", "Weak"
Worn Durability N/A Q6 "Durability_Q6", "Worn"
Used Durability N/A Q7 "Durability_Q7", "Used"
Reliable Durability N/A Q8 "Durability_Q8", "Reliable"
Dependable Durability N/A Q9 "Durability_Q9", "Dependable"
Sturdy Durability N/A Q10 "Durability_Q10", "Sturdy"
Stout Durability N/A Q11 "Durability_Q11", "Stout"
Strong Durability N/A Q12 "Durability_Q12", "Strong"
Tough Durability N/A Q13 "Durability_Q13", "Tough"
Impervious Durability N/A Q14 "Durability_Q14", "Impervious"
Indestructible Durability N/A Q15 "Durability_Q15", "Indestructible"
Defective Accuracy N/A Q1 "Accuracy_Q1", "Defective"
Skewed Accuracy N/A Q2 "Accuracy_Q2", "Skewed"
Imprecise Accuracy N/A Q3 "Accuracy_Q3", "Imprecise"
Flawed Accuracy N/A Q4 "Accuracy_Q4", "Flawed"
Unreliable Accuracy N/A Q5 "Accuracy_Q5", "Unreliable"
Short range Accuracy N/A Q6 "Accuracy_Q6", "Short range"
Semi-accurate Accuracy N/A Q7 "Accuracy_Q7", "Semi-accurate"
Well-balanced Accuracy N/A Q8 "Accuracy_Q8", "Well-balanced"
Calibrated Accuracy N/A Q9 "Accuracy_Q9", "Calibrated"
Accurate Accuracy N/A Q10 "Accuracy_Q10", "Accurate"
Precise Accuracy N/A Q11 "Accuracy_Q11", "Precise"
Trusty Accuracy N/A Q12 "Accuracy_Q12", "Trusty"
Spot-on Accuracy N/A Q13 "Accuracy_Q13", "Spot-on"
Perfect Accuracy N/A Q14 "Accuracy_Q14", "Perfect"
Dead Eye Accuracy N/A Q15 "Accuracy_Q15", "Dead Eye"
Sluggish Reload N/A Q1 "Reload_Q1", "Sluggish"
Slow Reload N/A Q2 "Reload_Q2", "Slow"
Unwieldy Reload N/A Q3 "Reload_Q3", "Unwieldy"
Languid Reload N/A Q4 "Reload_Q4", "Languid"
Medium-speed Reload N/A Q5 "Reload_Q5", "Medium-speed"
Brisk Reload N/A Q6 "Reload_Q6", "Brisk"
Rapid Reload N/A Q7 "Reload_Q7", "Rapid"
Quick Reload N/A Q8 "Reload_Q8", "Quick"
Swift Reload N/A Q9 "Reload_Q9", "Swift"
Deft Reload N/A Q10 "Reload_Q10", "Deft"
Speedy Reload N/A Q11 "Reload_Q11", "Speedy"
Fast Reload N/A Q12 "Reload_Q12", "Fast"
High-speed Reload N/A Q13 "Reload_Q13", "High-speed"
Super-quick Reload N/A Q14 "Reload_Q14", "Super-quick"
Lightning-fast Reload N/A Q15 "Reload_Q15", "Lightning-fast"
Feeble Damage Female Q1 "Damage_Female_Q1", "Feeble"
Puny Damage Female Q2 "Damage_Female_Q2", "Puny"
Mediocre Damage Female Q3 "Damage_Female_Q3", "Mediocre"
Ordinary Damage Female Q4 "Damage_Female_Q4", "Ordinary"
Spiteful Damage Female Q5 "Damage_Female_Q5", "Spiteful"
Malicious Damage Female Q6 "Damage_Female_Q6", "Malicious"
Damaging Damage Female Q7 "Damage_Female_Q7", "Damaging"
Dangerous Damage Female Q8 "Damage_Female_Q8", "Dangerous"
Savage Damage Female Q9 "Damage_Female_Q9", "Savage"
Vicious Damage Female Q10 "Damage_Female_Q10", "Vicious"
Cruel Damage Female Q11 "Damage_Female_Q11", "Cruel"
Slaughtering Damage Female Q12 "Damage_Female_Q12", "Slaughtering"
Devastating Damage Female Q13 "Damage_Female_Q13", "Devastating"
Deadly Damage Female Q14 "Damage_Female_Q14", "Deadly"
Lethal Damage Female Q15 "Damage_Female_Q15", "Lethal"
Tiring Force Female Q1 "Force_Female_Q1", "Tiring"
Frightening Force Female Q2 "Force_Female_Q2", "Frightening"
Striking Force Female Q3 "Force_Female_Q3", "Striking"
Threatening Force Female Q4 "Force_Female_Q4", "Threatening"
Debilitating Force Female Q5 "Force_Female_Q5", "Debilitating"
Awe-inspiring Force Female Q6 "Force_Female_Q6", "Awe-inspiring"
Formidable Force Female Q7 "Force_Female_Q7", "Formidable"
Terrifying Force Female Q8 "Force_Female_Q8", "Terrifying"
Disabling Force Female Q9 "Force_Female_Q9", "Disabling"
Shattering Force Female Q10 "Force_Female_Q10", "Shattering"
Enervating Force Female Q11 "Force_Female_Q11", "Enervating"
Crippling Force Female Q12 "Force_Female_Q12", "Crippling"
Incapacitating Force Female Q13 "Force_Female_Q13", "Incapacitating"
Paralyzing Force Female Q14 "Force_Female_Q14", "Paralyzing"
Diabolical Force Female Q15 "Force_Female_Q15", "Diabolical"
Flimsy Durability Female Q1 "Durability_Female_Q1", "Flimsy"
Frail Durability Female Q2 "Durability_Female_Q2", "Frail"
Shoddy Durability Female Q3 "Durability_Female_Q3", "Shoddy"
Fragile Durability Female Q4 "Durability_Female_Q4", "Fragile"
Weak Durability Female Q5 "Durability_Female_Q5", "Weak"
Worn Durability Female Q6 "Durability_Female_Q6", "Worn"
Used Durability Female Q7 "Durability_Female_Q7", "Used"
Reliable Durability Female Q8 "Durability_Female_Q8", "Reliable"
Dependable Durability Female Q9 "Durability_Female_Q9", "Dependable"
Sturdy Durability Female Q10 "Durability_Female_Q10", "Sturdy"
Stout Durability Female Q11 "Durability_Female_Q11", "Stout"
Strong Durability Female Q12 "Durability_Female_Q12", "Strong"
Tough Durability Female Q13 "Durability_Female_Q13", "Tough"
Impervious Durability Female Q14 "Durability_Female_Q14", "Impervious"
Indestructible Durability Female Q15 "Durability_Female_Q15", "Indestructible"
Defective Accuracy Female Q1 "Accuracy_Female_Q1", "Defective"
Skewed Accuracy Female Q2 "Accuracy_Female_Q2", "Skewed"
Imprecise Accuracy Female Q3 "Accuracy_Female_Q3", "Imprecise"
Flawed Accuracy Female Q4 "Accuracy_Female_Q4", "Flawed"
Unreliable Accuracy Female Q5 "Accuracy_Female_Q5", "Unreliable"
Short range Accuracy Female Q6 "Accuracy_Female_Q6", "Short range"
Semi-accurate Accuracy Female Q7 "Accuracy_Female_Q7", "Semi-accurate"
Well-balanced Accuracy Female Q8 "Accuracy_Female_Q8", "Well-balanced"
Calibrated Accuracy Female Q9 "Accuracy_Female_Q9", "Calibrated"
Accurate Accuracy Female Q10 "Accuracy_Female_Q10", "Accurate"
Precise Accuracy Female Q11 "Accuracy_Female_Q11", "Precise"
Trusty Accuracy Female Q12 "Accuracy_Female_Q12", "Trusty"
Spot-on Accuracy Female Q13 "Accuracy_Female_Q13", "Spot-on"
Perfect Accuracy Female Q14 "Accuracy_Female_Q14", "Perfect"
Dead Eye Accuracy Female Q15 "Accuracy_Female_Q15", "Dead Eye"
Sluggish Reload Female Q1 "Reload_Female_Q1", "Sluggish"
Slow Reload Female Q2 "Reload_Female_Q2", "Slow"
Unwieldy Reload Female Q3 "Reload_Female_Q3", "Unwieldy"
Languid Reload Female Q4 "Reload_Female_Q4", "Languid"
Medium-speed Reload Female Q5 "Reload_Female_Q5", "Medium-speed"
Brisk Reload Female Q6 "Reload_Female_Q6", "Brisk"
Rapid Reload Female Q7 "Reload_Female_Q7", "Rapid"
Quick Reload Female Q8 "Reload_Female_Q8", "Quick"
Swift Reload Female Q9 "Reload_Female_Q9", "Swift"
Deft Reload Female Q10 "Reload_Female_Q10", "Deft"
Speedy Reload Female Q11 "Reload_Female_Q11", "Speedy"
Fast Reload Female Q12 "Reload_Female_Q12", "Fast"
High-speed Reload Female Q13 "Reload_Female_Q13", "High-speed"
Super-quick Reload Female Q14 "Reload_Female_Q14", "Super-quick"
Lightning-fast Reload Female Q15 "Reload_Female_Q15", "Lightning-fast"
Feeble Damage Neutral Q1 "Damage_Neutral_Q1", "Feeble"
Puny Damage Neutral Q2 "Damage_Neutral_Q2", "Puny"
Mediocre Damage Neutral Q3 "Damage_Neutral_Q3", "Mediocre"
Ordinary Damage Neutral Q4 "Damage_Neutral_Q4", "Ordinary"
Spiteful Damage Neutral Q5 "Damage_Neutral_Q5", "Spiteful"
Malicious Damage Neutral Q6 "Damage_Neutral_Q6", "Malicious"
Damaging Damage Neutral Q7 "Damage_Neutral_Q7", "Damaging"
Dangerous Damage Neutral Q8 "Damage_Neutral_Q8", "Dangerous"
Savage Damage Neutral Q9 "Damage_Neutral_Q9", "Savage"
Vicious Damage Neutral Q10 "Damage_Neutral_Q10", "Vicious"
Cruel Damage Neutral Q11 "Damage_Neutral_Q11", "Cruel"
Slaughtering Damage Neutral Q12 "Damage_Neutral_Q12", "Slaughtering"
Devastating Damage Neutral Q13 "Damage_Neutral_Q13", "Devastating"
Deadly Damage Neutral Q14 "Damage_Neutral_Q14", "Deadly"
Lethal Damage Neutral Q15 "Damage_Neutral_Q15", "Lethal"
Tiring Force Neutral Q1 "Force_Neutral_Q1", "Tiring"
Frightening Force Neutral Q2 "Force_Neutral_Q2", "Frightening"
Striking Force Neutral Q3 "Force_Neutral_Q3", "Striking"
Threatening Force Neutral Q4 "Force_Neutral_Q4", "Threatening"
Debilitating Force Neutral Q5 "Force_Neutral_Q5", "Debilitating"
Awe-inspiring Force Neutral Q6 "Force_Neutral_Q6", "Awe-inspiring"
Formidable Force Neutral Q7 "Force_Neutral_Q7", "Formidable"
Terrifying Force Neutral Q8 "Force_Neutral_Q8", "Terrifying"
Disabling Force Neutral Q9 "Force_Neutral_Q9", "Disabling"
Shattering Force Neutral Q10 "Force_Neutral_Q10", "Shattering"
Enervating Force Neutral Q11 "Force_Neutral_Q11", "Enervating"
Crippling Force Neutral Q12 "Force_Neutral_Q12", "Crippling"
Incapacitating Force Neutral Q13 "Force_Neutral_Q13", "Incapacitating"
Paralyzing Force Neutral Q14 "Force_Neutral_Q14", "Paralyzing"
Diabolical Force Neutral Q15 "Force_Neutral_Q15", "Diabolical"
Flimsy Durability Neutral Q1 "Durability_Neutral_Q1", "Flimsy"
Frail Durability Neutral Q2 "Durability_Neutral_Q2", "Frail"
Shoddy Durability Neutral Q3 "Durability_Neutral_Q3", "Shoddy"
Fragile Durability Neutral Q4 "Durability_Neutral_Q4", "Fragile"
Weak Durability Neutral Q5 "Durability_Neutral_Q5", "Weak"
Worn Durability Neutral Q6 "Durability_Neutral_Q6", "Worn"
Used Durability Neutral Q7 "Durability_Neutral_Q7", "Used"
Reliable Durability Neutral Q8 "Durability_Neutral_Q8", "Reliable"
Dependable Durability Neutral Q9 "Durability_Neutral_Q9", "Dependable"
Sturdy Durability Neutral Q10 "Durability_Neutral_Q10", "Sturdy"
Stout Durability Neutral Q11 "Durability_Neutral_Q11", "Stout"
Strong Durability Neutral Q12 "Durability_Neutral_Q12", "Strong"
Tough Durability Neutral Q13 "Durability_Neutral_Q13", "Tough"
Impervious Durability Neutral Q14 "Durability_Neutral_Q14", "Impervious"
Indestructible Durability Neutral Q15 "Durability_Neutral_Q15", "Indestructible"
Defective Accuracy Neutral Q1 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q1", "Defective"
Skewed Accuracy Neutral Q2 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q2", "Skewed"
Imprecise Accuracy Neutral Q3 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q3", "Imprecise"
Flawed Accuracy Neutral Q4 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q4", "Flawed"
Unreliable Accuracy Neutral Q5 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q5", "Unreliable"
Short range Accuracy Neutral Q6 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q6", "Short range"
Semi-accurate Accuracy Neutral Q7 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q7", "Semi-accurate"
Well-balanced Accuracy Neutral Q8 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q8", "Well-balanced"
Calibrated Accuracy Neutral Q9 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q9", "Calibrated"
Accurate Accuracy Neutral Q10 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q10", "Accurate"
Precise Accuracy Neutral Q11 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q11", "Precise"
Trusty Accuracy Neutral Q12 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q12", "Trusty"
Spot-on Accuracy Neutral Q13 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q13", "Spot-on"
Perfect Accuracy Neutral Q14 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q14", "Perfect"
Dead Eye Accuracy Neutral Q15 "Accuracy_Neutral_Q15", "Dead Eye"
Sluggish Reload Neutral Q1 "Reload_Neutral_Q1", "Sluggish"
Slow Reload Neutral Q2 "Reload_Neutral_Q2", "Slow"
Unwieldy Reload Neutral Q3 "Reload_Neutral_Q3", "Unwieldy"
Languid Reload Neutral Q4 "Reload_Neutral_Q4", "Languid"
Medium-speed Reload Neutral Q5 "Reload_Neutral_Q5", "Medium-speed"
Brisk Reload Neutral Q6 "Reload_Neutral_Q6", "Brisk"
Rapid Reload Neutral Q7 "Reload_Neutral_Q7", "Rapid"
Quick Reload Neutral Q8 "Reload_Neutral_Q8", "Quick"
Swift Reload Neutral Q9 "Reload_Neutral_Q9", "Swift"
Deft Reload Neutral Q10 "Reload_Neutral_Q10", "Deft"
Speedy Reload Neutral Q11 "Reload_Neutral_Q11", "Speedy"
Fast Reload Neutral Q12 "Reload_Neutral_Q12", "Fast"
High-speed Reload Neutral Q13 "Reload_Neutral_Q13", "High-speed"
Super-quick Reload Neutral Q14 "Reload_Neutral_Q14", "Super-quick"
Lightning-fast Reload Neutral Q15 "Reload_Neutral_Q15", "Lightning-fast"

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