Gabriel's Sledgehammer
Tesla Gabriells Sledgehammer
Basic Info
Damage High
Force High/Very High
Stamina Very High
Durability Very High
Weapon Type Blunt

Gabriel's Sledgehammer is a legendary weapon received from Mother Helen in St. Christopher's Church after completing her quest Bury The Dead where the Hero must clear out the graveyard of the undead.

Note: It is advisable to not get this weapon straight away because the weapons stats vary on your level. If you get it too early it will not be effective in places such as the Laboratory.


  • The weapon's name may be a reference to archangel Gabriel since the sledgehammer is given to you by a member of the Catholic church. It could also refer to the song "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel. Most likely it is a reference to the Warhammer 40k hero, Gabriel Angelos, a Space Marine Commander from the Dawn of War series, known to wield a massive 2-handed thunder hammer.
  • During character selection, Sam B wields a Tesla Gabriel's sledgehammer.



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