"To stand among us, you must prove you are worthy"
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The blunt weapons expert

Each playable survivor can use all weapons, but they can learn to make best use of their own preferred weapon class.

They all possess unique Fury skills: special abilities fueled by accumulated Rage. Those special moves can turn the tide of battle but only while the Rage lasts, so learn to use them wisely.

Purna, the Shooter

  • Fury Skill: Guardian — Purna rallies in the face of impossible odds, giving herself and her allies the ability to regenerate, a powerful boost to repair any damage and other attributes. Her skill also allows Purna to use her private sidearm even if she doesn't own a gun or ammo.
  • Specialty: Firearms, and a little in Sharp weapons.

Sam B, the Tank

  • Fury Skill: Haymaker — Sam goes berserk and smashes everything with his brass knuckles.
  • Specialty: Blunt weapons.

Xian Mei, the Assassin

  • Fury Skill: Bloodrage — Xian calls on all her martial arts training and deals with enemies with lethal precision.
  • Specialty: Sharp weapons.

Logan, Jack of All Trades

  • Fury Skill: Bullseye — Logan turns into a weapon-throwing fiend, incredibly accurate and deadly, taking out several targets at once.
  • Specialty: Throwing weapons, a little in Sharp weapons, Blunt weapons, and Firearms.

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