DI Frank laboratory
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Location Laboratory
Quest(s) Substance of Matter

We're running out of aluminum potassium sulphate and its use is crucial to our research. Can you get me that chemical from the warehouse?
— Frank, begging the hero to help.

Frank is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is part of the group barricaded inside the Laboratory, led by Dr. Robert West. He is first heard of when he calls Bob over the radio, and exclaims that the zombies have seen him. He cuts off, leaving the Hero to think he was infected.

However, he later appears inside the Laboratory and gives the Hero the side quest Substance of Matter, in which the Hero must bring aluminum potassium from the warehouse to the lab.


  • During the quest No Time to Talk, the lab is overrun and Frank is killed or infected.


  • On rare occasions, Frank will still be found alive even after everyone is found dead. However, after freeing Yerema, he may be found lying on the floor.

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