Frank, infected, when the Hero confronts him.
Enemy statistics
Location(s) Saint Christopher's Church

And Frank… His soul was lost to the beast.
Mother Helen, Talking about Frank.

Frank was a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located inside Saint Christopher's Church, and was part of a group of survivors led by Mother Helen. Unfortunately, he became infected and locked himself in the back of the church. He then started ringing the church bells, attracting zombies from across the city. Mother Helen asks the Hero to break into the room and stop him. Once inside, the Hero kills Frank and turns off the bells.


  • When the Hero encounters Frank, he is simply named Thug. It isn't until talking to Mother Helen afterwards that the Hero learns Frank's name.
  • Strangely, if Frank knocks the player away, he will stop attacking them and try to break down the doors leading to the bells; he will repeat this action in a loop until the Hero attacks him again.
  • This might be a reference to the church survivor-gone-infected from Left 4 Dead, who locked himself in a church, rung the bell to attract the infected, and also turned into a special zombie.

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