Fluid Necessity
Quest, Fluid Necessity
Difficulty Medium
Given By Harlan Johnson
Reward 500 XP, Cash
Task Find 2 gas cans at a gas station and deliver them to Harlan.
Location Resort, Act I Previous Make Yourself at Home
Next Death in the Glass

Fluid Necessity is a medium quest given to the Hero by Harlan Johnson in Dead Island.


Right after the Hero completes the quest "Make Yourself at Home", Harlan Johnson will ask for two gas cans. The Hero now can complete his journey to the City Tunnel Gas Station and take one or two juice packs needed for the quest "Seek'n'Loot" and two gas cans needed for this quest. On the way back to the Lifeguard Tower the Hero can drop the gas at the Harlan's hut and complete the quest.


  • It is possible to complete the quest right after taking it, as the Hero can take the gas cans at the Lighthouse Gas Station, even before they meet Harlan Johnson.
  • It's quite easy to damage the Truck at the point where there is a bus on the road and a bunch of zombies. (Additionally, after Black Hawk Down, with the introduction of Suiciders, there will be a Suicider with the other "bus zombies".) However, at this place the Hero may take a short cut off the road. It may be a little "jumpy", but the Truck will manage it easily.

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