Fiery Drinks
DI Quest Fiery Drinks
Difficulty Very Easy
Given By Mike
Reward 100 XP, Molotov
Task Acquire 5 bottles of alcohol.
Location Lifeguard Tower Previous Ashes to Ashes

Fiery Drinks is a very easy continuous event given to the Hero by Mike.


For every five bottles of alcohol the Hero brings Mike, he will produce a Molotov Cocktail.

Alcohol is quite common in the Resort area (as well as everywhere else in the game, including on bodies). It can be found at bars, bungalows, closets, and numerous other locations.

Alcohol takes up one slot of your inventory; however, you can stack up to 30 bottles of alcohol per slot. You can stack 30 Molotov Cocktails in your inventory as well making performing this quest repeatedly very useful.


  • Death in the Glass will provide the same benefits but at the cost of only 3 bottles of Alcohol. It is also available during Act I and throughout the rest of the game just like Fiery Drinks.


The reward was increased to 100 XP with Patch 1.3.

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