Fast Travel is a method of traveling on the large Banoi Island. The feature can be accessed by using maps located in Safe Houses and other key locations.

The Player can travel to multiple Safe Houses throughout Banoi, once the player has discovered them. Fast travel between areas will often reset the items and containers located in the area, as well as enemies, however, fast travel within an area or to the same location will not respawn items or enemies.

Some Fast Travel destinations have no Fast Travel hub, being destination only. The Prison Canteen and two of the sites in the Jungle are of this type. Additionally the Resort Jungle Tunnel is exit only (hub but no destination) until Act III begins (or perhaps the Devastator main quest).


Fast Travel Locations


City of Moresby

Abandoned House

  • Square -- this location has its own spawn point, but is actually at the south side of the city of Moresby.



Tomb of Natives


  • Prison Canteen -- destination only



  • After fast travel, the player will not be damaged for about a second.
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