Fast Aid
DI Quest Fast Aid
Difficulty Medium
Given By Lucas
Reward 1500 XP, Big Baseball Bat
Task Bring medicine to Lucas.
Location Square Previous A New Broom Sweeps Clean
Next N/A

Fast Aid is a medium side quest given to the Hero by Lucas in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to a nearby pharmacy and retrieve Lucas's medicine.

Similar to missions like One Foot in the Grave and One Last Breath, follow the mission tracking markers and head towards the pharmacy, retrieve the medicine required and return.

The pharmacy is near the Warehouse which can be easily Fast Traveled to.

Video Walkthrough


  • The mission's name is a play on "First Aid".
  • There is a glitch where upon completing the mission the Hero will not be given the Big Baseball Bat listed in the rewards. However you will still be given the 1500 XP.

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