Family Matters
DI Quest Family Matters
Difficulty Medium
Given By Max
Reward 700 XP, Homemade Machete
Task Look for Kelly's husband, a concierge named William, at the Diamond Bungalows.
Location Diamond Bungalows Previous Exodus
Next N/A

Family Matters is a medium side quest given to the Hero by Max in Dead Island.


The Hero must find Kelly's husband, William, who is located at the Diamond Bungalows.

Upon arriving, the Hero finds William in the same bungalow as Jennifer Snider and Svetlana. William clearly doesn't want to spend his last days with a wife he hates and offers the Hero some money if they tell his wife he's dead. The Hero accepts, and returns to Max and Kelly with the false news of William's death, finishing the quest and receiving a reward from Max.

Video Walkthrough

Dead Island Walkthrough - Side Quest - Family Matters09:59

Dead Island Walkthrough - Side Quest - Family Matters

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