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Basic Info
Damage Very High
Force Low
Stamina Medium
Durability Very Low
Weapon Type Sharp

The Eviscerator is Dead Island's legendary Wakizashi. When upgraded completely, the weapon does a massive 2000–5000 damage, adhering to its name. The weapon excels when combined with Deathstalker, making it a popular choice.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The Eviscerator deals the highest damage--even exceeding Zed's Demise's attack capabilities--making it the best for insta-killing zombies and certain Special Infected. The weapon's handling is excellent, allowing for many attacks before a stamina break and easy mob genocide; moreover, the weapon is one-handed, allowing Xian users to exploit their Flying Strike skill.

Cons: Being a Wakizashi, The Eviscerator's durability is poor and plenty of money is needed for repair, making it unwise to use carelessly.


  • The Eviscerator does not have an exact location, but tends to drop more frequently in the jungle. The weapon has a very low drop chance, rarely acquired as loot from zombies across Banoi Island. The weapon can also be found in metal chests.


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