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An Eviscerator with the Deathstalker Mod

The Eviscerator is a Legendary Weapon in Dead Island. It is the unique Wakizashi. Xian Mei can perform a special attack when her first blade skill is upgraded. It's activated when the players aim at an enemy's head or neck, and attack; Xian presses the blade against the enemy's neck, causing roughly 1000-2000 damage. When upgraded, the weapon will do a massive 2000–5000 damage. After all, to eviscerate means cutting someone open and spilling their guts out. Some say the Deathstalker Eviscerator is the best sharp weapon in the game resulting in one of the most powerful weapons.

Pros and ConsEdit

The Eviscerator deals the highest damage in the game and even exceeds the Zed's Demise. When mods are applied, it can become even more deadly. If the player is lucky enough to find the weapon in the beginning of the game, the high damage will be useful against higher level enemies in later chapters once it is fully upgraded and modded. However, its durability is extremely poor, and it will take only about forty to sixty hits to completely diminish the weapon's durability. This leaves the players with the decision of whether or not it should be used only on special enemies. If money is not a significant concern, then the Eviscerator is always a viable option in any circumstance, not only against special zombies.


  • The Eviscerator is not found in any precise location. It has a very low chance to drop from zombies across Banoi Island and has a small chance to be looted from metal chests.


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