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The "Energizer" Energy Drink is a type of common beverage found in Dead Island. When picked up, the Hero will instantly use it. It will restore a random amount of health, from a tiny fraction up to one and a half health bars.


  • Usually located near desks or containers along with Snack and/or Fruit.
  • Randomly dropped by zombies.
  • A continuous supply can be found in Vending Machines for $5 each drink.
  • Randomly scattered throughout the game.


  • There are billboards all around the Banoi Island that advertise "Energizer" energy drink.
  • As these are incredibly common around much of the Hotel, Pool, and Beach areas (especially around the Bars and Bungalows), these are incredibly useful early game health items that can be consumed rather than wasting Medkits between fights early on.
  • Buying Energy Drinks from the Vending Machines counts as a purchase towards the "Black Friday the 13th" challenge.


Enviroment (8)

The Coca-Cola vending machine is on the far right.

  • One of the pieces of artwork for this game featured a Coca-Cola vending machine. But apparently, the developers hadn't negotiated for the rights.


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