Drowned Hope
DI Drowned Hope
Difficulty Hard
Given By Mother Helen
Reward 4000 XP, Cash,
Task Check what's happened to the pump station.
Location Saint Christopher's Church Previous Sacred Silence
Next Drop by Drop

Drowned Hope is a hard quest given to the Hero by Mother Helen in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to the pump station and uncover why Saint Christopher's Church lost their water source.

After shutting off the church bells, Mother Helen will ask you to find out what happened to their water supply. She goes on to say that she has already had two men go out, and they haven't returned since.

The pump station is on the opposite side of town though, so be prepared before starting the trip.

Once you arrive at the pump station, men begin firing guns at you. To continue the quest and find out what happened to the two missing church men, you must kill the gunmen and take over the pump station. It would be helpful to possess a gun already, but as soon as you kill one of the men you can take their gun/ammo and get on with defeating the rest.


  • Quitting the game while this quest is active will deactivate and reset the quest completely, forcing the Hero to talk to Mother Helen to activate it again. This is done deliberately so that the Patch 1.3 smart quest system cannot be used to get partway to the pump station and then exit and reload. It is designed so that the entire trek must be made in one go.

Video Walkthrough

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