DI Dreamtime
Difficulty Medium
Given By Warrior
Reward 600 XP, $1 Cash
Task Get 5 Oleander flowers.
Location Ope's Cave Previous Man of Faith
Next N/A

"Dreamtime" is a medium continuous event given to the Hero by a native warrior in Dead Island. It is possible for the Warrior to overdose on the flowers and pass out, disabling the quest turn in until the player starts or joins a new game session.


The Hero must find 5 Oleander flowers and give them to the Warrior.


  • This quest can be used as a level exploit using the dupe and/or trade glitch. The method is simple to follow and understand: dupe high price items, sell items, stockpile on Oleander from a vendor, hand in. (Warning: this glitch has been removed in the later version of the game)
  • This quest now only returns $1 and 600 XP (on the PC and Xbox 360 versions at least, unconfirmed on PS3) for the most recent game version as of July 2012. It used to be 1000 xp (and unknown cash).

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