Dead island doyle bust
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Location Diamond Bungalows

He has a friend named Doyle who works in the Diamond District bungalows. I'm thinking maybe he's hiding out there.
Max, telling the Heroes about Doyle.

Doyle is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is a friend of William Powell. William's family, Kelly Powell and Max both believe that William is hiding out with Doyle. However, Doyle is not seen by name, but he may be one of the other intoxicated men in the bungalow.


  • Doyle appears in a scrapped quest "Don't let them get us!" which doesn't appear in the final version of the game, Doyle ask the Heroes to blow up the bridge, so zombies can't get to them. He is never seen in game but there is an unused model for him, along with dialogue and quest information.


  • "We started taking the bridge down cause the things can't swim, right? But they came at us like a pack of rabid dogs and now no one wants to go back and get it done."

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