Doctor's Orders
Game(s) DIEtopleft
Rarity Legendary
Power 540
Block 62
Attack speed 41
Life leech 34
Ability Venom Armor
Modification slots
Lethal 1
Perfect 1
Legendary 1
Alloy 125
Diamond Scrap 25
Account level 49
Tier 16
Gear points (45.000)
Cash points (4.090)

Doctor's Orders is a heavy weapon featured in Dead Island: Epidemic.

Venom Armor - Passive Perk - When attack is blocked you have a chance to gain Venom Armor. Venom Armor will damage close enemies if they attack you. It can only trigger if Venom Armor is not already active.
  • 25% Trigger Chance
  • 5s Duration
  • 25% Damage

See also: Acid Injectors, Heavy Dose


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