Devil's Labyrinth
Difficulty Very Hard
Given By Titus Kabui
Reward N/A
Task Find your way to the armory.
Location Prison Previous Dante's Kitchen
Next Chasing the White Rabbit

"Devil's Labyrinth" is a very hard quest given to the Hero by Titus Kabui in Dead Island.


Titus Kabui tasks the Hero with finding weapons in Cell Block B for the inmates. The Hero must go through the Basement and the Laundry Room in order to reach the Control Room.

The control room door turns out to be stuck, so the Hero must find an alternate route through the Cell Block.

The entire block is full of zombies, including a few rams and a thug.

After reaching the control room, the Voice tells them not to bring the weapons to Titus Kabui because the prisoners are too dangerous. The Voice that he'll take care of Yerema and Jin, and that the Hero should find an alternate way to Cell Block C.

The player has no choice but to do as The Voice says, so the Hero heads through the prison sewers, up and into the prison showers (full of slain bodies, a few of which will resurrect as zombies, but they are slow and easily dispatched).

After the Hero gets through the showers, they are reunited with Yerema and Jin, who are standing in a prison hallway. Yerema tells the Hero that the surviving prisoners were overrun by zombies, and that Mowen sacrificed himself to get Yerema and Jin to safety.


  • The showers are full of slain bodies because Ryder White killed them off in "Clear the Path".
  • When you reach the Control Room and take the elevator you will be no longer able to go back to any previous areas. In addition to this, if you die after you have reached the Control Room, the door you entered from will be locked and you will only be able to proceed through the elevator. If you are trying to obtain all the collectibles, make sure you get all the ones in the previous prison areas before starting this quest and make sure you don't skip any before reaching the control room.
  • Once this quest is active you'll start getting comments from some of the prisoners about Titus keeping all the food to himself and that he won't be in charge much longer.
  • Assuming you have explored the maximum possible amount of areas and have progress of 57/72 for the "There and back again" achievement at the end of Act III, and have done all Act IV side quests before this quest, you should have 70/72 locations before using the elevator.

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