"cr33zz revange for endless crunch!"
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Homerun Baseball Bat

The Developer's No. 2 Craft is a blueprint obtained by placing the Green Skull in its proper location. It creates the Homerun Baseball Bat when the appropriate materials are utilized at a workshop.


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"This is Cr33zz revange for endless crunch!".
The Green Skull unlocks the Developer's Craft Mod #2. It is located in the south eastern portion of the Resort map, in a rocky area surrounded by water that seemingly cuts a road in half, this is just before the drop off location for the blue skull. Scaling up one of the sides reveals the Green Skull in an open briefcase.
Dropping off this skull in the supermarket near a bunch of teddy bears reveals the 2nd Developer Craft Mod. The shelves with the bears are adjacent to the green and white striped tent in the main room of the supermarket.
Blueprint Base Item Needed Required Material Cost Stats

Developer's No. 2 Craft




Dead Island Green Skull *BEST QUALITY* Location & Drop Off01:32

Dead Island Green Skull *BEST QUALITY* Location & Drop Off

Dead Island Weapon Mod Gameplay Developer's No02:27

Dead Island Weapon Mod Gameplay Developer's No. 2 Craft

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