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The Brown Skull location


The Left hand of glova in action

The Developer's 666 Craft is a weapon blueprint featured in Dead Island. It is required to create the Left hand of glova.

The blueprint is acquired by placing the Brown Skull in its altar, which is located in a mountain in the Resort area.


Crafting the Left hand of glova requires the following ingredients:


The Left hand of glova has a shock based attack that deals a minimal damage. Its range is limited to short distances, but it will knock down any zombie except for the Ram in one shot, and though it won't kill the zombie, it will allow the Hero to stomp its head. The downside is that it will use up all the Hero's remaining stamina in just one shot.


Dead Island Brown Skull *BEST QUALITY* Location & Drop Off FUNNY!02:06

Dead Island Brown Skull *BEST QUALITY* Location & Drop Off FUNNY!

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