DI Devastator
Difficulty Hard
Given By Jin
Reward 6000 XP
Task Blow up the entrance to the old bunker
Location Lifeguard Tower Previous Home Sweet Home
Next Welcome to the Jungle (quest)

"Devastator" is a hard quest given to the Hero by Jin in Dead Island.


The Hero must escort Jin to the old bunker, and blow up the entrance in order to gain access to it. Then, the two must get to the tunnel through the old bunkers. Finally, the two must reach the Jungle and search for Mowen.

After the armored truck is parked next to the Jungle Tunnel Fast Travel point (don't forget to pick up a free large medkit from the abandoned truck) the Hero will face a number of Infected on the way to the old bunker. If any are knocked off the cliff Jin will not proceed if they are still alive. Fortunately they will eventually work their way around to the Hero again. When the door is reached apply the charge and then activate it. Immediately move away (to where Jin is is a good indication of safe distance) to avoid being caught in the explosion.


  • It has been reported that players who are playing this on version 1.0.0-1.1.0 have experienced a bug which forces them to start a brand new game because of certain problems with this quest. Upon accepting the quest, the players have decided to walk away and do other quests and come back (which is rather common in the game). However, upon leaving the vehicle that Jin gets in, a timer counts down until the player fails the quest, then the spawns the players far away from the vehicle and gives them no time to get back to the said vehicle. This bug makes it impossible to continue the game or do other available missions.
    Workaround: after the game loaded at wrong location, open quest log and select Devastator. Wait for the timer to run out, after that you'll be respawned near Jin's vehicle. If this does not work, you can also select the ongoing Fiery Drinks mission and let the timer run out. This should also teleport you back to the Lifeguard Station.
  • Another bug is when the player kills an Infected and they're electrocuted. If Jin touches the electrocuted zombie, there's a chance she'll fall down but she'll get back up. Though it won't harm Jin directly, there may be a chance she might not get back up.
  • If the player jumps the fences of the bunker and gets behind it and then jumps off the hill, they will respawn actually inside of the bunker. The only way to proceed with the quest is to load last checkpoint, or commit suicide because if any action are done inside the bunker that could cause the game to save the player's progress, this savegame is rendered useless and the player is forced to start a brand new game.

Video Playthrough:

Dead Island Gameplay part 67 Devastator

Dead Island Gameplay part 67 Devastator