The Deathstalker Mod is a weapon modification featured in Dead Island. It can be used by the player at a workbench to modify a number of sharp weapons (see the list below).

The blueprint is acquired by the Heroes in Act III. It adds a strong 4X poison damage modifier and an increased critical chance of 6% to a weapon. The only downfalls are that the mod requires the use of a Stingray Tail which may be hard to find, and the weapon can get expensive to maintain.


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"I developed a simple poison that can turn a sharp weapon into something that will make the undead spew out their own internal organs. A sight to see, believe you me. All you have to do is follow the guidelines below."
The blueprint is received after completing the quest "Substance of Matter".
Blueprint Base Item Needed Required Material Cost Stats

Deathstalker Mod




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