Dante's Kitchen
DI Dante's Kitchen
Difficulty Medium
Given By Titus Kabui
Reward 10,000 XP, Heavy Pistol
Task Get food from the kitchen.
Location Prison Previous Full Metal Jacket
Next Devil's Labyrinth

Dante's Kitchen is a medium quest given to the Hero by Titus Kabui in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to the kitchen and exterminate all the undead there.

The storage room only holds Walkers in single player mode. They are easily killed with thrown weapons, or simply enter and turn left and drop down into the left corner of the overturned locker. This is like standing on the hood of a car, the Walkers can't hit you but you can easily kick them. When they're defeated, break through the door.

There are no foes in the hallway.

The kitchen itself has an Infected, a Thug, and some scattered Walkers. They are easily killed separately. When the area is clear, head through the door and you'll emerge next to Titus Kabui and his inner circle.

In spite of Titus implying that he wants you to gather food for the prisoners, you do not have to find food; the quest is only to clear the zombies out of the kitchen.



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