Danny Craig
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Family Luke Craig (brother)
Status Alive
Location Silver Bungalows

Luke... if you can hear me... did you make it to the bungalow? It's #20. Remember... the insulin is... in the bathroom... on the shelf! I need it quick, brother!
— Danny to Luke, over the radio

Danny Craig is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is the subject of the quest Too Much Sugar. The Hero can hear him calling over the radio to his brother, Luke Craig. Danny is asking Luke to bring him insulin, and emphasizes that he needs it quickly.

While in the Golden Bungalows district, the Hero will find Luke inside bungalow 20. Unfortunately, he has been mortally wounded, and asks the Hero to bring his brother the insulin. Once the Hero reaches Danny at #14, Danny says he will speak once the drugs kick in.

Unlike many isolated survivors, Danny Craig does not disappear after his side quest is completed, and will remain inside Bungalow #14 for the rest of the game.


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