Dan Mark
Survivor Dan Mark
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 47's

Switzerland Swiss

Status Deceased, Gas station owner
Location Lighthouse Gas Station
Quest(s) Ashes to Ashes

Once you get in, turn on the power and refuel those canisters. Now that we're here, we're not moving anywhere. It's too friggin' dangerous out there.
— Dan, reflecting on Sathiss and his situation.

Dan Mark was a survivor featured in Dead Island and originally located inside the Lighthouse Gas Station.

During the side quest Ashes to Ashes, the Hero must visit the Gas station in search of fuel. After Sathiss lets the player inside, Dan Mark will tell the Hero that the pumps are not working, and can only be turned on via the generator next door. Dan advises the Hero to go out to the back and climb on the roof to get to the generator.

After completing Ashes to Ashes, returning to the gas station will show the front doors smashed in, presumably from a Thug, with Dan Mark's partially eaten (and turned) corpse on the floor of the station.

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