Quest Crash
Difficulty Easy
Given By Laurie Weaver
Reward 400 XP, Crowbar, Medium MedKit
Task Help the Weavers and protect them.
Location Area near Bunker 02 and the nearby tunnel with Fast Travel Next N/A

"Crash" is an easy side quest given to the Hero by Laurie Weaver in Dead Island.


Laurie Weaver will be looking for help near the tunnel entrance. She'll ask the Hero to help her husband, Linwood, to get out of their overturned car he's stuck inside. She'll lead the Hero to the car where they will start trying to open the car's door. After the first (unsuccessful) attempt to do it they will be attacked by a few Infected and the Hero must defend Laurie Weaver. The next attempt to open the door will be successful and Linwood Weaver will leave the car.


The closest "landmark" is the tunnel entrance with Fast Travel map. It is north of the Lighthouse Gas Station, at the top of the hill. A wrecked truck with a large MedKit on the front floor and 2 lootable luggage in the back is located here. The Hero will find Laurie Weaver there. When she leads them to the overturned car, Bunker 02 will be visible, on the rocks above the road ahead.


  • Oddly, Laurie Weaver refers to her husband as "John".
  • After receiving the MedKit and Crowbar from the car, then leaving the area, the two will reappear as though the trunk is still closed, even though it will remain open. The loot is not obtainable at this point. The Weavers also disappear, never to be seen again.


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